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carpet cleaning
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carpet cleaning
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Carpet Cleaning Richmond TX

We're the Experts in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning Richmond recommends all our clients to follow the industry standards and have their carpets professionally cleaned twice a year. According to the EPA, an average carpet undergoes enough traffic in 6 months time to bring in enough dirt and bacteria to require a professional clean. While many homeowners believe that simply vacuuming their carpets is enough, they are unfortunately overlooking the serious health concerns an dirty carpet can bring.

As the area's local experts at residential and commercial carpet cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Richmond TX prefers to take the safe route and we recommend all our clients to follow the EPA health guidelines. A complete carpet cleaning will eliminate the chances of pet dander, insect fragments, odors, and other pollutants to expose themselves to you and your loved ones. While stains are not considered to be dangerous to your health, they do get more stubborn with time. Red wine and coffee stains, in particular, can be tricky to remove and are known to interact poorly with many of the typical at home remedies for stain removal.

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Carpet Cleaning Richmond is staffed with expertly trained cleaners who are experts in carpet fiber as well. We are so sure you will love our service, we offer you a 100% guarantee!

All the Cleaning Services You Need!

Carpet Cleaning Richmond TX offers a wide variety of cleaning services, providing you with a complete bundle to have your home cleaned right. We offer hot water extraction cleaning, the most common industry standard in the cleaning industry. Our technicians are trained and skilled in commercial and residential cleaning methods, for all types of carpets, fabrics and fibers. We offer different levels of carpet cleaning:

  • Standard Carpet Cleaning: The good old carpet cleaning you're familiar with, using hot water extraction top notch machines, quality cleaning solutions and done by our experienced techs. This is recommended if your home is cleaned regularly, and there are no stains or areas that haven't been cleaned for over a year.
  • Deep Carpet Cleaning: If you haven't cleaned your carpets recently, or you have lots of spills, spots, stains (or just pets and kids), you'll need more than the standard cleaning. Our deep carpet cleaning process will remove all stains and other particles stuck in your carpet's fibers, making it look new and inviting again.
  • Extra Care Carpet Cleaning Package: In addition to the deep cleaning process, we'll also add fabric protector and carpet deodorizing, to make your carpet stay cleaner for longer, and smell better while it stays clean!

Haven't Found the Right Package?

We offer a wide variety of cleaning services, and we'll tailor the right bundle for you. We can also clean rugs, furniture, air ducts and many more parts of your home - all you need to do is ask!

For a Free Price Estimate Dial 832-460-4024.

Water Damage Can Cost You More Than You Think!

Carpet Cleaning Richmond considers water extraction a must. The normal annoyances aside, standing water in a carpet can create the perfect place for mold and mildew to form. In fact, even if water is extracted, if it is not done properly and by a trained professional, there is a very good chance for the formation of mold and mildew even years after the fact. Mold and mildew exposure can cause a whole range of health considers, from allergic reactions to respiratory problems, to worse.

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If you are not in need of a carpet cleaning, we also offer other services, such as air duct and tile & grout cleaning as well. All our services are evaluated upon the staff member's arrival, however a free estimate is also available through our customer representative.

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